Welcome to derole.co.uk

Welcome to the new page for all things me! Please use the links above to navigate.

Hi All, I believe the service instability is finally fixed, as well as NESYS Revival Project FINALLY being stable once again! Thank you all for your continued paitence.

Hey guys! Bit of an update to break the silence. Some stability fixes have been applied in an attempt to fix the ongoing connection issues. Please let me know if any problems are still being experienced. I am also prepping for some exciting changes to the ModNation Racers Revival (hence the odd downtime here and there). More info will be provided soon :D.

Changes have been made to the proxy which should result in massive reliability improvements! Hope to see no more problems with this... Touch wood.

Quick update to the website. Added images to many pages to help make the website a tiny bit more flashy. Please take a look! There is also now a legacy site at legacy.derole.co.uk, this website is designed to run on even SUPER old hardware. It is optimised for mid-late 90s web browsers and optimised to work smoothly on 56k dial-up! You can even read this news post there! Alternatively use the links above to visit.

As of today, I am officially the (at least temporary) host of littlebigarchive.com! LittleBigArchive is a website dedicated to archiving tools, online data and more, primarily for the LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers series. Pay them a visit, you can find them under the "Pages" tab.

Have been monitoring the problem today, all seems to be well again so far, assuming all goes to plan, everything should be back to normal stability! Please note there's still issues with the proxy link that affect some services, which is still being looked into.

Over the last day or two there has been issues with the internet line supplying the server. While there is no direct outage, the line is unstable and packets are being dropped, as such access to services may be affected. I will be monitoring the situation and will be in contact with the ISP if this continues.

Hi all! I am currently redesigning my website. Check back soon for more information 👀