⊓ectaris taxi services

We are a group of elite taxi drivers! Every driver is trained with professional stunt driving skills to get you to your destination on time! Traffic? pfft, thats SO lame. In our taxis we give the middle finger to traffic and will find you a shortcut so you're never stuck in a traffic jam again!*1 Arrive in style in our 6.2L turbocharged V8 vehicles. We love to push these engines to the limits to be the fastest taxi service around!*2 All are open top so you can show off to all your friends and arrive to the party in style! Are you insured in the case of an accident? Absolutely not at all! Who needs health and saftey anyways, that would ruin the thrill. If you die at least you went out in style, while banging your head to some TUNES that is! All vehicles are equipped with 600W XtREMEBass sound systems. Listen to anything you want!*3 Our currently offered destinations include: - West side Beach - Square park - Tower Records - Baseball Stadium - West Gate Mall - Lookout Tower So, wanna ride with us? Call today and book a trip!

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*1 Shortcuts are not guarenteed to be safe, injury may occur from the shortcuts, neither nectaris taxi services or our taxi drivers can be held responsible for any injuries sustained. Please note the taxi driver may ram cars out of the way, this is them politely signalling for the traffic to move over as a higher priority vehicle (the taxi) is coming through *2 Please note that you may hear a loud bang followed by metal cylinder objects flying out of the bonnet, if this happens please be patient while the driver calls backup transport (don't worry, we wont call any lame public transport) *3 Please do not request to play any modern pop song, if you do you will be immediately kicked out of the taxi, no refunds! We also do not have bluetooth, so if you ask to "bluetooth" you are a disgrase and will be banned from riding with us