Welcome to the NESYS revival project!

Server status:

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Image by SpadesHiro (Thanks!)

Working features:

Global TA/Drift/Race Ranking
Global ghost VS with all filter options
Replays of top players in attract mode
Car creation/loading + Full customisation
Skill points, BG coin and VS wins/loss saving
Online ranking website
Event races
Movie shop
Team management and creation

Coming in future updates:

Ghost rival selection
Leaderbaord on website
0-1000m/Max speed/Start dash/Number of stars/Battle mode ranking on website
Teams and team challenges
Event races

Latest news:

2020/07/05 - Key manager update

Key manager has been updated to v0.5! Changelog:
- Fixes network adapter issues if you run BEFORE game start (so you can have bluetooth etc enabled)

2020/07/05 - Key manager update

Key manager has been updated to v0.4! Changelog:
- Fixed 6MT and MT when loading profile (because no emulator dev would implement it into the emulator :/)

2020/07/05 - Notice of event extension

The current event has been delayed ultil the 7th July due to teknoparrot issues. Unfortunately I cannot tell you when the patch will be out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

2020/07/01 - First event launched

We are hosting "Stock touge @ Dreadnought" time attack event! 2.5 million BG coin will be awarded to winner. For details on how to enter, click HERE!

2020/06/23 - New web leaderboards

Thanks to Tsuka we now have web leaderboards (Can be viewed either on desktop or mobile out of game!). You can visit them by clicking HERE!

2020/06/23 - My garage update

The NESYS Revival Project garage has been updated! Changelog:
- Fixed bug where leveling down brakes would infinitely level them up.

2020/06/22 - Server update

The NESYS Revival Project server has been updated! Changelog:
- Fixed bug where 2nd place would still get skill points and server would class that comp level as completed
- Fixed bug where new profiles would be created with NO BGM option selected instead of COURSE DEFINED (NOTE: If your profile had NO BGM selected automatically and you want BGM login to my garage and change NO BGM to COURSE DEFINED)

2020/06/22 - Key Manager v0.3 released!

NESYS Key Manager v0.3 has been released. Continuing issues fixed! If you already have key manager please click on the key manager download and NOT the launcher download.

2020/06/20 - Page finished

We have finished the website and have now released!

2020/06/19 - Page launch

Welcome to the new website for NESYS Revival Project! The server will be released within the next 24 hours! Stay tuned!

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