IMPORTNAT! Please make sure you followed THIS and THIS tutorial first and double check you followed each step correctly!

PROBLEM: The game does not successfully connect to the server
SOLUTION: Check that NESYS is ON in the test menu under NETWORK CONFIGURATION. If this does not work check and make sure that all network adapters apart from the one you use for internet are disabled (See image below for how). If this does not work make sure your internet connection is working properly. If both your internet and network adapters are set up properly then check the news incase of a server outage.

PROBLEM: My garage displays an error upon launching and closes
SOLUTION: Check if you have a working internet connection. If you do then check the news incase of a server outage.

PROBLEM: The game gets stuck with a car engine starting sound or displays an error during registration
SOLUTION: Make sure the key manager shows "Game is running" at the bottom right. If it does not try reloading the game and the manager. If this does not fix it check that the game is not running as admin. If it is not running as admin try running the key manager as admin.

PROBLEM: The game crashes when contacting the server
SOLUTION: This is most likely a bug with our servers and not your game. Please contact me here

PROBLEM: The game gets stuck with a message on top of your profile when you load a profile and it makes the game get stuck
SOLUTION: Has been fixed. Update key manager

PROBLEM: The accelerator/brake does not function properly or at all
SOLUTION: Go to test mode and select "Adjustment". From here follow the on screen instructions to calibrate your pedals.

PROBLEM: The game displays a blank screen with "I/O Error" when you attempt to load a key
SOLUTION: Make sure to enable "professional edition enable" in teknoparrot settings. non tuned pro mode seems to bug out and throw an "I/O ERROR". (This is even without the key patches so this is not a key emulator issue)

PROBLEM: The game displays an error when attempting to load key
SOLUTION: Try loading the key after the game has started.

PROBLEM: The game looks pixelated in professional mode
SOLUTION: Try the below NVIDIA driver program settings
NOTE: This has so far never been reported by AMD/ATI users

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